Our clients

A solution adapted to each situation

Through our 4.0 services platform, we help our insurance company and corporate clients improve the health of their policyholders and employees while reducing their costs.

Our offer covers all the stages of an effective and adapted care of the persons:

  • Health assessments and health management in companies
  • Orientation and Teleconsultation
  • Organization and optimization of care pathways in reference structures
  • Medical Concierge Services
  • Second opinions
  • Sanitary drains
  • Medicalization of remote sites
  • International Consulting

To do so, we rely on motivated and trained teams, on adapted and proven tools and processes, and on medical and non-medical partners of reference that we select and evaluate.

Insurance & Mutuals

Marketing Department

Development of health services

We enable insurance companies and mutuals to offer new and differentiating offers in order to increase customer loyalty and develop their clientele:

  • Care pathway abroad
  • Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) 
  • Medical Concierge
  • Medical and Social Assistance Service
  • Second Medical Opinion
  • etc.

Medical Direction

Organization and optimization of care pathways

We support insurance companies and mutual insurance companies in the organization and optimization of quality care paths for their policyholders.

Thus, we support the Medical Department in :

  • Referral of symptomatic insureds and scheduling of medical appointments as soon as possible
  • Access to the best health care facilities according to the insured's pathology(ies)
  • Cost optimization of medical and non-medical services, management of financial flows
  • Communication between insured persons, medical facilities abroad and the insurance company

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Corporate Companies

Human Resources Department

Employer brand improvement and employee engagement

We enable companies to improve their employer brand, reduce turnover and absenteeism through the development of a comprehensive health policy for their employees.

General Management

Improvement of the company's image in its market

We help companies to promote their brand in their industry in order to contribute to their productivity, profitability and growth. 

Occupational physician

Improved employee health

We contribute to the improvement of the health of our clients' employees and allow doctors to be kept informed of the evolution of an employee's care abroad.

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Health care institutions and facilities

Medical management of health care institutions

Strategy & medical projects

We support healthcare institutions in defining their institutional strategy and accompany them in their medical projects by specialty (oncology, cardiac surgery, etc.) through methodology, investments, training and management. 

Financial management of health care institutions

Management and control of payments

We enable healthcare facilities to secure payment for care provided to foreign patients while reducing the costs of analyzing complex medical records. 

Thanks to our method and our knowledge of the business, we enable health care institutions to increase the transformation rate of their quotes.

International management of health care facilities

International patient development & outreach

We support hospitals in growing their international patient management business, creating international partnerships and developing their international consulting offering.

Through our experience and methodology, we contribute to improving the satisfaction of international patients and payers:

  • We support healthcare facilities in obtaining and maintaining complete and up-to-date medical records for their international patients.
  • Through our proven method and processes, we help reduce the non-medical complications associated with managing an international patient base (communication, languages, culture, etc.).

Through our network of experts and partner institutions, we support health care institutions in increasing the competence of their medical teams.

Finally, we are improving the visibility and attractiveness of healthcare institutions at the international level.

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