About us

C3Medical : Coordination, Cooperation & Care

Our mission:

The C3Medical's mission is to improve the quality of care in countries where medical facilities do not meet all needs.

Our vision: 

We have developed a 4.0 platform of services enabling our clients to positively impact the health of their policyholders or employees while reducing their costs.

We are constantly expanding and improving our offer to cover all stages of effective and appropriate care for people: 

  • health assessments and health management in companies;
  • orientation and teleconsultation;
  • organization and optimization of care paths in reference structures;
  • medical concierge;
  • second opinions;
  • medical evacuations;
  • medicalization of remote sites;
  • international council.

To do so, we rely on motivated and trained teams, on adapted and proven tools and processes, and on medical and non-medical partners of reference that we select and evaluate.

Our principles

C3Medical is proud to apply the famous French motto "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité" in all circumstances.

When the decision is made to welcome you or your patient to France, it means that every member of the C3Medical team, as well as our partners involved in your or your patients' care, will do their best.

We will consider and treat the person or patient and their loved ones as family members, just as we would expect to be treated personally in the same situation.

C3Medical's first golden rule is to "never commit a patient to a therapy that will be useless or bring no added value compared to what a local medical treatment could bring".

The 2nd golden rule is never to challenge or oppose the final decision of the medical expert(s), whether positive or negative.

C3Medical's efficiency is based on a chain of cumulative added values, with each professional, an expert in his or her own field, playing a central role: in the medical field, it is the doctors and C3Medical's director who have the final say.

This is a matter of vital efficiency and this is where the "second medical opinion process" plays a key role in the major decision to engage - or not - in therapy in France.

This is one of C3Medical's competitive features.

C3Medical's Finance and Control department constantly reviews and closely monitors expenses.

To follow this objective, each invoice is carefully checked. In the case of a negative variance, a clear justification is requested - or the invoice is rejected - in order to ensure that the budget is respected and to try to reduce costs whenever possible.

In this way, you or your insurance company receive a regular report on expenses and, at the end of the care pathway, all bills are provided.

This ethics policy is one of C3Medical's hallmarks, in addition to C3Medical's service fees, which are clearly specified in the budget of your care pathway proposal before you sign the contract with C3Medical.

C3Medical is under the authority of the French National Authority for Public Health (HAS), which applies very strict rules regarding confidentiality and privacy in medical matters.

To reinforce this protection, C3Medical complies with the specific requirements of hospitals and develops close internal collaboration to manage its international activity.

C3Medical's objective is always to protect the patient's rights and data from any potential breach of confidentiality, consequence of unauthorized or fraudulent use, or unauthorized access by a professional or private individual.

To meet these high-level requirements, C3Medical's information systems are fully compliant with the demanding European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and French HADS (Hosting of Authorized Data Security) certifications.

In addition, C3Medical applies the strictest technical standards to protect the various data exchanges and transfers between the different parties involved in the patient's journey, as well as to protect the storage of all patient data long after the treatment process has ended in France.

We have thus chosen market-leading SaaS solutions that guarantee :
- Security: SaaS architecture with Datacenters exclusively in Europe (Main in Paris & Backup in Frankfurt);
- Compliance: RGPD (Europe), HDS Health Data Hosting (France), HIPAA (USA), PII/PHI, ISO 27001,
- Service Level Agreement (SLA): High Availibility (HA) greater than 99.999

"Salesforce Health Cloud for Patient Data:
- Security: HDS certification + Salesforce Shield encryption data protection
- Interoperability: electronic medical record (DMP, DME/EHR), HL7 data format,
- No. 1 solution in CRM providing the best user experience for both customers and patients

"Microsoft Teams" for Teleconsultation:
- Security: HDS certification + Data protection by point-to-point encryption (RSA 2048 bits SHA256 certificate)
- Support for our partners Health (Curie, Saint Joseph, AP HP...) in the choice of Teams for Teleconsultation
- Solution 1 in video conferencing: With its many features (no-account link access, waiting room, secure conversations and document sharing, etc.), Microsoft Teams simplifies teleconsultations and provides a convenient, secure and comforting user experience

C3Medical strictly applies the legal principles applied through the French "patient charter" issued by the "Circulaire Ministérielle" n. 95-22, May 6, 1995:

"Health care institutions guarantee the quality of reception, treatment and care. They are attentive to pain relief and do everything possible to ensure that everyone lives with dignity, with special attention to the end of life.

The information given to the patient must be accessible and accurate.

The hospitalized person participates in the therapeutic choices that concern him/her and can be assisted by a freely chosen trusted person.

A medical procedure can only be performed with the free and informed consent of the patient. The patient has the right to refuse any treatment.

Any adult can express his or her wishes regarding the end of life in an advance directive.

Specific consent is given, in particular, to persons participating in biomedical research, the donation and use of elements and products of the human body and screening procedures.

A person who is proposed to participate in biomedical research is informed in particular of the expected benefits and foreseeable risks.

His consent is given in writing. His refusal will not affect the quality of care he will receive.

The hospitalized person may - except in accordance with the law - leave the establishment at any time after having been informed of the possible risks to which he or she could be exposed

The hospitalized person is treated with respect. Their beliefs are respected. His/her privacy is preserved as well as his/her tranquility.

The respect of privacy is guaranteed to every person as well as the confidentiality of personal, administrative, medical and social information concerning him/her.

The hospitalized person (or his legal representatives) has direct access to his medical information. Under certain conditions, his or her beneficiaries in the event of death have the same right.

The hospitalized person can comment on the care and reception he or she has received. In each institution, a committee on user relations and quality of care ensures that users' rights are respected.

Everyone has the right to be heard by an institutional official so that they can express their grievances and seek redress for the harm they feel they have suffered, through an informal resolution process and/or in court."

Our team

Jérôme Soistier

Chairman and CEO

Brahym Bakhis

General Manager

Patrice Bideau

Director of Operations

Omar Filali

Africa Director

Dr. Radji

Medical Director

Our jobs

C3Medical's team members have a variety of profiles: nationalities, professional backgrounds (e.g., medical, marketing, IT, hospitality, management control) and experience (from SMEs to senior management positions in international companies in Europe, the United States and Asia).

To enhance the level of service provided to patients, the medical department is under the exclusive supervision of a medical director, a physician specializing in emergency care and medevac.

In addition, on technical issues such as academic cooperation on cancer or project infrastructure, the C3Medical team is supported by two professors, both renowned French and Chinese oncologists and radiotherapists, based in their respective countries. 

Our international presence

C3Medical's teams have a common goal: to be close to clients and patients, in order to provide them with highly effective, world-class care and support at optimal cost, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Headquarter & Europe

10 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette
75009 Paris, France

Middle East & Africa

104 Bis Bd Abdelmoumen
20340 Casablanca, Morocco

China & Asia

1192 Century Avenue, Pudong
200122 Shanghai, China