Medical and Social Assistance Service

Directing patients to improve quality of care and reduce costs

Through our online referral service or Medical and Social Assistance Service, coupled with our teleconsultation service and our expertise in coordinating care paths, we contribute significantly to improving the quality of service perceived by policyholders and therefore the retention rate of insurance companies, while enabling them to significantly reduce their costs. 

By providing a quality welcome and a listening ear as soon as a symptom appears in an insured person; by reducing urgent cases, hospitalizations and unnecessary medical appointments thanks to our diagnostic and triage tool; by organizing a teleconsultation when a medical appointment is necessary (which settles more than 60% of the requests); by coordinating a care pathway with a fast and efficient management in a quality establishment of our network when hospitalization is necessary.

A dedicated line for your policyholders or employees

One line available between 8am and 6pm every working day and between 8am and 1pm on Saturdays for the insured or collaborators.

A multi-channel approach: 

  • Call
  • Email
  • Cat/Chatbot
  • WhatsApp

Provision of a number with a consultant (nurse/caregiver) in charge of the sorting to validate the caller and his/her status, analyze the request, reassure and direct the insured person, if necessary, to the most appropriate health care structure: partner health care network, general practitioner, specialist, psychologist or midwife (physical appointment or teleconsultation), emergencies, medical evacuation).

Based on:

  • Trained and motivated teams
  • Escalation processes adapted to meet the most unusual demands
  • Data protection and confidentiality of information
  • Compliance with current regulations
  • A " reporting " regular

The benefits of our Medical and Social Assistance Service

Welcome & Listening

We offer insureds a quality welcome and a listening ear as soon as a symptom arises.

Prevention & Regulation

By acting upstream of a potential care pathway, we enable insureds to take preventive actions to avoid the risk of complications.

Quality and optimized care

Our high quality medical network and teleconsultation solution allow us to efficiently direct the patient to the appropriate health professionals.

Cost reduction

Our diagnostic and triage solution reduces urgent cases, hospitalizations and unnecessary medical appointments, thus reducing costs for insurance, mutual insurance companies or businesses.

Our clients and partners

C3Medical's clients include insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, corporations, institutions and individual patients from around the world. We work with the best specialists in the largest health care centers in France and in Morocco and we are constantly enriching our network by based on new cases treated since 2011. Our partnerships with efficient paramedical structures allow We are also able to respond to all our customers' needs in a timely manner.