Medical Concierge Services

Complete support throughout the care process

Your beneficiaries or employees are very involved in their work and their daily lives but are often lost when it comes to obtaining quotes for care, booking transportation, accommodation and other services needed during their care journey?

You don't have the resources to organize, coordinate and accompany your beneficiaries or employees during their care abroad? 

C3Medical can develop and manage a medical concierge service for you, allowing you to reduce stress and accompany each of your beneficiaries or employees 24 hours a day throughout their care. 

Obtaining a quote

An excellent knowledge of international medical platforms and a perfect mastery of current pricing policies.

Medical & paramedical appointments

Privileged access to the best experts and partnerships with healthcare institutions.

Reservation of accommodation & transportation, medical or not

Historical partnerships with quality accommodation and transportation companies.

Purchase and delivery of drugs

A personal and invididualized accompaniment in the follow-up of the treatment.

Bedside visits

Emotional and psychological support for patients in their often anxiety-provoking process of care.

Home care organization

A network of health professionals that can be mobilized to meet the needs of patients when the situation allows or requires it.

Our strengths

6 reasons to choose our medical concierge service.

Access to the best specialists

expert in the care pathway since 2011: rigor and proven processes

Cost control at every stage

a patient-oriented approach

24/7 availability

Full transparency

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of patients satisfied with their support
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of cost reduction

Our clients and partners

C3Medical's clients include insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, corporations, institutions and individual patients from around the world. We work with the best specialists in the largest health care centers in France and in Morocco and we are constantly enriching our network by based on new cases treated since 2011. Our partnerships with efficient paramedical structures allow We are also able to respond to all our customers' needs in a timely manner.

Our clients testify

Our mutual insurance company supports our members, employees of the CNSS and for whom we have for whom we must provide a social service and quality and quality services. Our privileged collaboration with C3Medical allows us to offer our members medical, human and medical, human and social care tailored to with very good optimization of our Mutual optimization of our mutual insurance company's costs, even for the even for the most complex pathologies. By working with C3Medical, we have access to a single point of contact that manages the entire care, human support, logistics and accommodation, logistics and accommodation. The team is very reactive (even on weekends), attentive to each to each patient and his family and is very flexible. and is very flexible.
Social Action Mutual
Following a serious traffic accident traffic accident, I had severe burns on my arms and face. C3Medical, in June 2019, took care of took care of the entirety of my therapeutic stay: organization of my various surgical procedures surgical procedures, rehabilitation, transportation between the health care facilities and my and my place of accommodation. The teams were at my side throughout my stay, that is to say for stay, that is to say for more than a year year and allowed me to make my stay my stay, far from my family and my and my children, less painful. I knew that I could always contact them contact them in case of need
Patient from Cameroon