Medical Evacuation

End-to-end medical evacuation: optimal patient care

In case of an urgent and serious health problem, we intervene with insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, companies and institutions to define together the best medical evacuation method (by airliner, medical plane, helicopter, ambulance, etc.) adapted to the criticality of the problem encountered, to the patient's condition, to his geographical location and to the budget.

Our reception, medical and logistic teams are available 24/7 to serve you and to organize for and with you the best MEDEVAC (EVASAN), that is to say the best repatriation, the best care and support throughout the process.

In addition to ensuring a quality evacuation in complete confidentiality, preserving the patient's condition and reassuring his or her family, the costs incurred are often significant and must be optimized. We have developed a specific offer and know-how to best meet these challenges.

Our expertise

Certified equipment and material, adapted and meeting the standards

Whether this equipment is ours or that of our partners, we make sure that it meets the highest standards, to provide you with the safest possible service.

A team of experts at your service

To provide you with relevant and quality information, all our operators and employees are trained in health and emergency care issues. They are all qualified and duly authorized to carry out these missions.

Cost transparency

Each evacuation gives rise to a set of various services which are all described in detail (ambulance, aircraft, medical personnel, equipment, etc.) in the estimate with their associated cost.

An international network

Relationships with the best establishments, depending on the pathologies, to facilitate the reception of evacuated patients, once the medical data and the agreement of the attending physician have been obtained.

24-hour support

Our teams are available to answer your questions (in English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish or French) about the evacuation process in order to optimize your care and reduce patient anxiety.

Support for the patient from start to finish

From the assistance in obtaining the Visa to the reception medical team and the arrival in the room or in the adapted service.

Support, coordination and optimization from start to finish

An evacuation or Medevac does not stop at the door of the destination hospital.

It is important to ensure that:

  • The hospital chosen is a referral hospital for the treatment of the pathology in question and that it is able to welcome (wait well) the patient on arrival, in the best conditions.

  • The costs charged are the most accurate and that the proposed care pathway is well optimized in terms of duration and mode of care.

  • The relationships with your insurance company or other payer are fluid.
  • The patient and his family are well accompanied for the duration of the hospitalization.

  • The homecoming is well organized and prepared.

For each medical repatriation, our medical team and our case managers are responsible for this necessary and often underestimated follow-up.

All information related to the Evasan and associated care is accessible by the family, the medical team, the insurance company in our platform BestCare™ of follow-up of care pathways. 

During the entire transfer, the medical team is in contact with our control center from where our medical management is able to provide support and advice and to coordinate in real time all Evasan operations and actors on the ground (hospital, ambulance, etc.).

A network of quality, adapted and available transporters

Our ten years of experience in medical evacuations (Evasan) and medical regulation have enabled us to develop privileged relationships with the best health establishments in France, Europe and North Africa.

Once the request for medical evacuation is received, it is analyzed by our medical team. Our doctors exchange with the doctors who have taken charge of the patient and who are the only ones able to give an objective situation of his condition and to define the possible modes and conditions of medical repatriation. We then locate the most appropriate and best located device and identify the medical team that will be in charge.

To be able to propose the most appropriate means of transport for the patient's condition and location, at the best cost, we have developed a network of partners located all over the worldThe company has been operating in the field of air transport for more than 30 years, meeting the highest international standards for air transport of passengers and patients.

Our rigorous selection process covers the quality of processes, machines and equipment, as well as the rigorous selection and training of personnel. Whether it is a need for a helicopter or Air Ambulance to retrieve a patient in a remote and difficult to access area, a commercial aircraft capable of transporting the patient on a stretcher or simply accompanied, or a medical aircraft adapted to the distance to be covered and the degree of urgency, we are able to offer the right solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Prior to the medical evacuation or upon arrival at the destination airport, we also ensure, with our partners, that the planes and ambulances contain all adapted and necessary medication and equipment (oxygen, defibrillators, intervention kit, etc.).

At every stage of the Evasan process, our experienced team of physicians and case managers are involved to ensure a seamless service and guarantee that the patient is taken care of in the best possible way. They coordinate with our partners the flight plan, the equipment and the constitution of the appropriate medical team (nurse, doctor, resuscitation doctor, etc.). 

At the end of each medical repatriation, we make a full debriefing with our customers, the team in charge and the partners involved, with the aim of always improve the quality of service that we render and to get the best out of everyone involved.

Our clients and partners

C3Medical's clients include insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, corporations, institutions and individual patients from around the world. We work with the best specialists in the largest health care centers in France and in Morocco and we are constantly enriching our network by based on new cases treated since 2011. Our partnerships with efficient paramedical structures allow We are also able to respond to all our customers' needs in a timely manner.

Our clients testify

We called on C3Medical for the medical evacuation to France of a patient from our country with a severe neurological emergency, requiring careful management. The medical plane, the equipment, the medical team, everything was planned and organized directly by C3Medical over the weekend and the patient arrived in 48 hours at the hospital best suited to his care. The operation was orchestrated with professionalism by a very human and efficient team.
His Excellency Mr. T
Ambassador of a Central African country
I consider that my medical repatriation from Paris to my home in Morocco deserves 10/10 for both the organization and the quality of my care. The accompanying doctor and all the people involved were very efficient and the help you all provided was invaluable. I would like to thank you warmly for your speed in responding to my request, the processing time of less than 24 hours even on a weekend and especially for your professionalism.
Retired German