Medical and Teleconsultation

Simplified appointment scheduling for direct access to the best specialists

C3Medical's appointment scheduling service allows people to benefit from a smooth and fast service with our A certified and qualified network of partner establishments and physicians.

Medical appointments can be made according to the case and the needs:

  • At the doctor's office
  • On site in a company
  • At the patient's home
  • By teleconsultation

The health crisis has accelerated our use of teleconsultation, allowing patients to consult from their home or workplace, thus relieving congestion in health care facilities and doctors' offices while maintaining their comfort, autonomy and flexibility.

It is also possible to request an international medical appointment, within the framework of a teleconsultation or a tele-expertise, depending on the complexity of the case and the pathology.

This service completes our offer, in particular the Medical and Social Assistance Service, thus allowing us to provide a care pathway that is not only optimized but the most The insured patient is thus accompanied and reassured.  

At the office

On site in a company

At home


1. Choice of the specialty

The first step is the choice of specialty, which depends on the patient's pathology, ranging from general medicine to oncology, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, psychiatry, etc.

In case of doubt, our medical team can help you analyze your case and direct you to the practitioner (general practitioner or specialist) you need most.

2. Choice of doctor

Once the specialty is defined, the second step is to choose the doctor, which can be done according to preferences and habits (primary care physician for example).

Our platform also allows you to request appointments with recognized French specialists speaking several languages and having acquired a solid experience in the management of international patients in particular by teleconsultation.

3. Choice of schedule

Last step: choose your time slot directly in the practitioner's agenda!

This way you can easily in a few clicks check the availability of the practitioner and select the time of the appointment that suits you. 

You will receive a confirmation of your appointment which will be added to your calendar as well as to the doctor's calendar, as well as reminders that will make it impossible to miss.